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Lombok land investment opportunities are driving fantastic returns year on year

There’s no denying that Bali is the most famous of Indonesia’s more than 17,000 islands, as it is regularly listed among the world’s best tourist destinations. This is due to the “Island of the Gods” having unimaginable natural beauty, rich culture and history, and it being highly accessible, with high-end resorts, restaurants, and shopping centers. Indonesia’s President Jokowi would like to replicate this success, to create New Bali’s, all across the archipelago. He has selected 10 destinations, where he and his tourism ministry will dedicate funding to building up to attract more international tourists, with the ambitious goal of growing numbers to more than 20milllion by the end of 2019. One of the locations on his list, is Bali’s next-door neighbor, Lombok Island. Specifically, it is the Mandalika, South Lombok region. Real estate and land in the Kuta Beach area is about to become one of the best opportunities for return in Southeast Asia, and among this is the lots of Kuta Heights Development (HD).

Lombok is often seen as a side trip, for Bali visitors. It is only three hours away by boat, or by plane the trip is under an hour. It does have a draw for domestic and foreign travelers, since it is known for stunning beaches, surfing and diving, and lacks the crowds of Bali. Trekking enthusiasts venture to Lombok to climb Indonesia’s second highest volcano, Mount Rinjani. Lombok is a rustic, mostly untouched paradise. It is about to get its chance in the spotlight, having been overshadowed by Bali for so long. Lombok is similar to Bali, or how Bali was 20 to 30 years ago. There is an easy island lifestyle, beautiful beaches and mountainous scenery, a very rich culture and heritage, and plentiful spots for surfing and activities. Lombok was an easy choice for the list of New Bali’s. The locations were selected based on a scale of three as: They are already an attraction, and they would greatly benefit from funding for better access and more amenities. "For a start, we looked at the ones with high potential and that are already iconic, but that have relatively low visitor numbers, and we found they all had the same problem with access and infrastructure,” said Deputy Tourism Minister Dadang Rizki Ratman. All the locations will receive budget for improved infrastructure and conserving natural beauty and resources.

Invest In Lombok Has Never Been Better Timing As Infrastructure Increases Rapidly

The Mandalika Special Economic Zone on Lombok is the 1,175-hectare development where Jokowi and his administration will be driving funding to build seven planned hotels with over 12,000 rooms, convention centers, 300,000 m2 of commercial space, an eco-park, and an entertainment center with a theme park and water park. Also, part of the plan is the 4.32km race track for the MotoGP in 2021. This project will be Indonesia’s first world-class racing event in nearly 25 years, the last ones being in 1996 and 1997. The MotoGP is expected to bring an estimated 150,000 spectators to the street-circuit track and a worldwide audience of over 400million viewers. The build is part of a 15-year, US $3 billion deal, that will greatly improve the roads and highways, foundation and utilities, with a hotel and hospital also planned. If all goes well, racing could become a regular event, with up to eight events held annually on the track. The Mandalika Resort Project and MotoGP are just the start, with Jokowi’s administration dedicating more than US $65 million to building South Lombok to become like Bali’s Nusa Dua, an area of convention centers and resorts. They see the area’s potential to attract the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) market. Furthermore, Lombok is part of “The Green Future” for Indonesia, pushing for more initiatives for environmentally-friendly features and technologies, such as plans for farms for solar energy farms and Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) plants for clean water in the Kuta region. Public transportation options include an electric light rail train and cable cars. Access to the island in general will be much improved, with more than US $14 million of planned upgrades to the Lombok Airport, including an expanded terminal, and renovated Taxi Way and Drop Zone. This will allow for more international flights to arrive direct to the island, adding to the current departures from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Perth.

Land prices on Lombok are a fraction of those in Bali. Real estate hunters are finding great potential in the Kuta Beach region, such as the lots in the Kuta Heights Development. KHD is over 200 lots on 27 hectares of land, only 20 minutes from the Lombok airport and just off the bypass. The lots are pristine with lush greenery, in all stages of development, and they are on a hillside, overlooking the beaches and bay of Kuta Beach. The lots are available for building a private villa, corporate getaway, or setting up a yoga or wellness retreat.

Invest In Lombok Land With The Help From The Team At KHD

Like all new developments in the region, the builds will also be eco-friendly, without interrupting the area’s natural beauty. There are greens and forests within the private, secure community, and the views are enhanced by uninterrupted sunsets and sunrises on either side. The team at KHD can help select the best lot for anyone interested in buying land in Lombok. There over 200 lots, and the highly-trained team can walk through the entire process, from selecting a lot, to the finished build, and then leasing or managing. They have all the necessary permits and allowances for Indonesian law, such HGB (“Right to Use Building”) for foreign investors and PMAs, allowing the construction and ownership of buildings on land. With construction on the Mandalika and MotoGP track just beginning, now is the right time to buy land in Lombok, and the lots at KHD are in a prime location. The opportunity to build a dream home or a wellness retreat has never been better, as more projects enter the pipeline, and Lombok land values continue to grow. Contact the team at KHD to request a brochure.

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